The Top 5 Challenges Faced by Businesses in 2016

Each year comes attached to a different sets of challenges, and 2016 is a year with tons of opportunities, yet it also presents lots of challenge. Today we have picked the 5 most relevant ones. If you are a business owner, then you should stick to reading this article, so you can see which challenges you need to defeat if you want to have a successful 2016 year. Join us and read, it’s going to be a small time investment with great returns for your business!

Growing Revenue – Are You Stuck?

One of the greatest challenges. This is especially important for companies whose number of employees is below 100 workers. This is a problem for them, because they have a hard time capturing funds.

If you are in the same situation, you should focus on this problem and start evaluating solutions, because this is a challenge that won’t go away this year. Small businesses just like yours are having a great problem when it comes to growing revenue, so you need to be more creative and find a solution.

Hiring Employees – For Real?

For mid-size businesses with around 450 employees, hiring new ones has become a real headache this year. But why? If there are so many people looking for a job, how can this even be possible? Happens that in order to grow, you need to hire the best of the best, and just like you there are tons of companies looking to do the same, so it’s a tough war for you.

So you better polish your hiring techniques, because you will lose many great potential employees if you don’t start from now. Because lots of talents are being captured by your competitors, and you can’t let this happen for you. Because this can really damage your business growth.

Government Problems and Regulations:

Well, this is not new. This is an all-the-time problem in fact, but in 2016 it has become very problematic regarding this subject. For example, one of the great challenges is securing customer data, according to new laws released regarding this matter. Another thing that has hit small businesses hard is the minimum-wage increase. And this is a problem that needs to be sorted out by different business owners just like you.

Increasing Profit:

Increasing profit is another problem. If you are in the same boat, then you should explore options like investing in more business training, along with better marketing. There are many ways by which you can increase your profits, you need to explore them and that’s it.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Company or Service:

Even though these last years have been very good for digital marketing, it has grown so much that it’s hard to find real experts. That’s why you should hire companies that can give you a short consultation call, companies that have a great blog and companies with a great reputation. That’s what you need to hire and work with if you want to obtain good results.


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