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Planning A Brand Launch Event?

When it comes to planning your event, consider hiring a coffee bar to supply your guests with delicious hot drinks.

Are you planning an event to launch your brand or business? No doubt you’ve researched all the usual options, but what about something a little different? Standing out from the crowd will help people to remember your brand, and you’ll be able to establish a good reputation and customer base much more quickly. A coffee bar is a great way to bring your guests together at your launch party. After all, what boosts someone’s mood quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and some great company? Here’s how a coffee bar rental could totally transform your upcoming launch event.

Setting the scene

Using a coffee bar as a starting point, set up a space that’s far from the usual corporate launch. Instead of the impersonal setting of an expensive restaurant or fancy bar, create something that’s welcoming and warm. Cosy armchairs, soft lighting, calming music – the coffee shop of your dreams basically! While this may seem like a dramatic departure from the standard launch party, it’s really going to make you stand out. Just ask yourself, which kind of event would you remember – an impersonal, indentikit launch, or somewhere where you can enjoy a coffee and really get to familiarise yourself with the business?

Baristas suitable for any business launch

You don’t have to be in the food or drinks industry to have a coffee bar at your product launch. You could be launching a new online business or re-branding your existing building company, it really doesn’t matter! There’s no need to worry about how to run your coffee bar either. If you hire your bar from a trusted company like Henry’s, you’ll be hiring some experienced baristas too. They’ll be able to create some truly delicious coffees, as well as other hot drinks, including exotic creations like chilli hot chocolate! Your baristas will serve up these drinks quickly and expertly, leaving you free to network and forge those all important business connections, no matter your industry.

Bring out the branding

There’s a way that you can take your brand launch to another level, and that’s with branded cups to serve your coffee in. These will be a great point of interest for your guests, and are a great conversation starter. They will also allow you to really tie in your business with the event by having some strong visual branding for your guests to focus on. So if you have just had a new company logo designed and are looking for a really effective way of getting your message out there, this is it!

Here’s to a successful launch party!

In the world of business, offering something different to your rivals is essential. By throwing a product launch event that’s a little more unusual, you’ll establish yourself as a company who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box. Your attention to detail when planning such a special event will earn you kudos too. This will make you seriously attractive to customers and clients alike, who will remember you long after your brand launch has finished.

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