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Got the Wrong Phone For Christmas? Trade It In!

Help is at hand if your new phone doesn’t meet your requirements

Trying to ‘make do’ with a phone that doesn’t suit you or can’t meet your needs is simply a nonstarter. For many of us, our phone is an important part of our everyday routines and – with more smartphones providing people with a mobile communication and entertainment centre – the right type is very important.

If you’ve treated yourself to a new one, recently upgraded, or been given one as a present but don’t think you can live with it then all is not lost; trading it in is a way to your ideal phone.

Who will buy?

There are certain companies you can sell old mobile phones to. Models ranging from nearly new to older types can be sold and the process is very simple:

  • Look up your phone on their website
  • Check its condition to compare what you’d be offered for yours
  • Enter your phone’s IMEI or serial number on the website
  • Go through the website’s ‘check out’ process
  • Wait for the company to supply you with a pack to send them your phone in
  • Send them your phone
  • The company pay you the agreed amount for the phone by direct bank transfer or cheque (once they’ve received the phone)

The price quoted is usually based on a fully working phone with no excessive damage such as a cracked screen. Damaged phones are often considered but you may have to talk to them direct to get an idea of price.

Is there a risk?

There shouldn’t be; online buyers of mobiles are geared to making the process as honest, transparent and as fuss-free and simple as possible. If there is an issue when they receive your phone, they would get in touch with you rather than, say, try to pay you less than they’d agreed initially.

They rely heavily on good will and testimonials from satisfied customers on review sites such as Trust Pilot, so there wouldn’t be any mileage in their trying to ‘pull a fast one’ on you.

What to look for in a phone buyer

No hidden fees – the price they quote to buy your phone should be the price they pay.

Same day payment – they should pledge to pay you as soon as they receive your phone (if you choose cheque payment instead of bank transfer it will obviously take a day or two for the cheque to arrive).

Mailing pack provided – the company should provide a suitable mailing pack so you can send your phone to them securely and safely.

Free returns – if the company need to return your phone, they should be prepared to do so free of charge.

Strong customer feedback – what are their existing customers saying? Check reviews – a reputable company should have reviews or links to a review site such as Trust Pilot.

Easy to contact – do they offer live chat or the chance to talk on the phone?

Preparing your phone to sell

Ensure the items that come with your phone are all present and correct if asked for (some companies simply recycle old phones so won’t need chargers and other items). If they do, ensure chargers, earbuds and maybe even the original box are included.

Remove all data from your phone before sending it in to protect your privacy.

Not just phones

Some companies will buy other devices along with phones, so if you’d like to sell your tablet such as an iPad or your smartwatch then certain companies can help.

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