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Five Reasons to Upgrade your iPhone

The iPhone 6 Brought the Biggest Ever Advances in Smartphone Technology

Apple’s iPhone is seen by most as the trailblazer in smartphone technology. Every upgrade brings improvements, but the 6 and 6S took things to a whole new level.

Leading smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and LG seem to bring out a new upgrade so often that you might wonder if it is just a sales technique to sell more phones.

But the truth is that smartphone technology is still relatively new, and each new upgrade really does bring improvements in functionality, speed and reliability.

Of course, some upgrades are more significant than others and when it comes to Apple’s industry-leading iPhone, the biggest step change undoubtedly came with the introduction of the iPhone 6.

Upgrading does not need to cost the earth, and savvy consumers can save hundreds of pounds by choosing from the huge range of cheap refurbished phones on the market. The recent release of the iPhone 7, means that now is the perfect time to beat the market by buying a used iPhone 6.

Here are five things that make the iPhone 6 the smartphone for smart buyers.

Updated processors

The iPhone 6 uses a custom made A8 chip. This carries the dual benefits of being both 25% faster and 50% more efficient than the A7 chip used in the iPhone 5S. For users, that means faster browsing and better battery life.

However, an even bigger difference will be noticed by gamers. The A8 can run games that were unimaginable in previous versions.

Along with the main chip, Apple also upgraded the motion co-processor from the M7 found in the iPhone 5 to the M8. This opens up a whole new world when it comes to using inputs from GPS, the compass and other data to provide locational and fitness information.

More storage

iPhones have always offered various storage capacities, but while the previous maximum was 64 GB, the iPhone 6 offered a 128 GB option for the first time. Given that iPhones do not provide removable storage capabilities, this greater capacity is a very big deal if you have large volumes of video and photographic media.

Big is beautiful

On launching earlier iPhones, Steve Jobs famously declared that nobody wanted big phones and that 3.5” was the perfect screen size. Although he broke his own rules with the iPhone 5, its 4” screen was still significantly smaller than the competition.

The iPhone 6 finally acknowledges that big is beautiful, and boasts a 4.7” screen (5.5” on the 6 Plus) while still remaining slimmer than the iPhone 5.

There are also improvements to the display quality, thanks to an improved polarizer.

Perfect pictures

The 8MP camera might be based on the same technology that goes back to the iPhone 4S, but make no mistake, upgrades to the image stabilization and autofocus technology mean that the iPhone 6 can capture some of the best images that can be taken on a phone.


The iPhone 6 comes equipped with an NFC chip that provides the latest wireless technology for making contactless payments. This means that in supported stores, users can simply swipe the phone and use the fingerprint scanner to confirm ID. The chip uses the latest security technology to ensure your personal data is safe.

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