Construction Site Planning Considerations

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Construction is big business in the UK at the moment. With a strong housing market, high demand and lack of new building projects, the construction industry is very lucrative. But it is also very competitive, for the same reasons. Cutting corners in safety can have serious consequences, so if you are running a construction business, ensure that the planning stages are completed properly.

When planning a construction site there’s much to consider from where drainage and supply pipework will be routed, through to the safety of construction workers and members of the public while work is in progress. The effectiveness of good surveying and project management can’t be overstated.


Professional surveyors can determine where existing facilities lie such as drainage and power supply and communications cabling along with establishing the best places to install new infrastructure. If it’s surveying existing buildings, then specialist surveys can be conducted to determine the structure of the existing building.

These surveys can be very detailed; factors such as door positions and swing direction, any changes in floor or ceiling levels and the positioning of electrical and heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment can be surveyed and translated into highly accurate drawings and plans using the latest in computer aided design.


A full risk assessment should be undertaken prior to work starting to determine where safety risks might apply. This also extends to the movement into position of construction equipment such as heavy cranes and lorries in and out of the location and how these might impact on the area surrounding the construction site along with the site itself.

Where applicable, factors such as air quality needs to be assessed and adequate signage identified and procured in time for when work starts. Any local authority permissions and certificates need to be applied for in good time, including permissions for erecting scaffolding and any safety certificates required.

Ongoing monitoring

Maintaining construction and safety standards throughout the duration of the project is very important, and this is where good project management pays dividends. Project management demands much knowledge of building methods not to mention budgeting skills to ensure the project stays within the cost parameters set at the outset.

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