Protect Your Construction Site From Theft And Vandalism

The True Cost Of Crime To Your Construction Company

Invest in innovative security to safeguard the tools and building materials during your construction projects.

Shocking statistics released by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) reveal that the UK construction industry loses at least £400 million each year, due to theft and vandalism. But the reality is that accurate figures may even be much higher than this as not all incidents are reported. In the research, 92% of respondents admit to being affected either weekly, monthly or annually by such crime, which highlights the need for the construction industry to take much stronger measures to crack down on theft and vandalism on their sites.

The Cost Of Crime

When looking at the cost of crime to this industry, it’s important for site managers and construction business owners to understand where their vulnerabilities lie. Construction sites are attractive to thieves often due to the value of machinery and building materials that are left unattended during a project. These range from smaller tools such as power drills, or saws to larger pieces of machinery such as bulldozers. In terms of materials, scaffolding and timber are also worth money to criminals, or can be repurposed for other jobs whilst being extremely difficult for police to trace and recover.

However, it’s not just the cost of the stolen goods that accounts for the cumulative £400 million loss to the industry. Where projects stall due to theft or vandalism, then unfortunately an increase in insurance premiums as well as financial penalties also pad out the bill for construction company owners.

Looking Internally

The first thing to consider is that unfortunately not all theft comes from outside. It’s important that supervisors and site managers are vigilant about the activities of workers on their site; in the same CIOB survey outlined above, a third of respondents believe that any tools or building materials were stolen directly by subcontracted employees. CCTV is essential in protecting vulnerable areas of a construction site, allowing you to go over the footage if you suspect foul play from within.

Securing A Site From Outside

However, naturally at the end of the day, over the weekend, or during any periods of downtime on a project, as soon as the site is vacant then it becomes a prime target for experienced construction thieves or even opportunist vandals. Construction site alarms are both a fantastic way to deter such criminals, as well as providing the latest innovations in intruder detection. Cameras will be placed strategically across the site with a focus on particular areas of value, along with any vulnerabilities in the perimeter. The system works wirelessly and will be monitored from an offsite 24/7 monitoring station. If a security breach is to occur, then this will be verified within seconds and 90% of sites have a responder arrive within 20 minutes – they are usually backed up by the local authority.

The very presence of CCTV and wireless alarms can be enough to deter many thieves and vandals from attempting criminal activity on your construction site. So, to protect your materials, equipment and reputation as a construction company that doesn’t experience delays, invest in site security as a priority for 2019.