phones for christmas

Got the Wrong Phone For Christmas? Trade It In!

Help is at hand if your new phone doesn’t meet your requirements

Trying to ‘make do’ with a phone that doesn’t suit you or can’t meet your needs is simply a nonstarter. For many of us, our phone is an important part of our everyday routines and – with more smartphones providing people with a mobile communication and entertainment centre – the right type is very important. Continue reading

Megaphone Marketing

Does Traditional Marketing Still Outperform Digital Marketing?

Getting the perfect marketing strategy for your business is paramount if you want to make a big impact on your audience. Is traditional marketing a dying trend? Do people still read newspaper articles? Do they use the services of the business after hearing a radio ad? Here are the benefits of traditional marketing and how digital marketing is on the rise… Continue reading

Polish freight lorry transporting from UK to Poland

Polish Freight Services

Poland and the UK are important trading partners – but freight costs can be prohibitive.

Anglo-Polish relations have always been close, both in terms of trade and culture. Choose your freight partner wisely to keep shipping costs competitive. Continue reading

Construction Site Planning Considerations

a building site

Construction is big business in the UK at the moment. With a strong housing market, high demand and lack of new building projects, the construction industry is very lucrative. But it is also very competitive, for the same reasons. Cutting corners in safety can have serious consequences, so if you are running a construction business, ensure that the planning stages are completed properly. Continue reading