5 Team Building Events Approved By Staff

Boost Internal Productivity By Investing In Your Team

Best team-building ideas to help your employees get to know each other and work together to boost internal productivity for your organisation.

Team-building events are an effective way to encourage harmony and collaboration within your internal departments. Contrasting personalities and those with differing skillsets can learn to blend their strengths and hone their professional behaviour in order to increase productivity for your company. However, although team-building events are a recognised way for your organisation to succeed, the notion of bonding with colleagues can sometimes feel awkward. Therefore, it is vital that you choose collaborative team building events that your staff feel passionate about. It may not be possible to please all of your internal employees with your choice of exercises, but here are 5 top activities that have proven to be popular.

Volunteer Work

Ask your team to choose which charity your organisation should support. Instead of simply donating corporate money, your internal teams will be given time off work to give back to the local community. They might decide to volunteer at a homeless shelter, visit the elderly in care homes or mentor underprivileged children. This type of event encourages internal dialogue where staff can discuss the causes that matter to them. It also shows your employees that the organisation they work for is not just about profits and is willing to offer a positive contribution to society.

Field Trips

One way for employees to get to know each other is to take them out of the office. Rather than organising a drinks evening, which some members of your team might find intimidating, it can be more imaginative to arrange regular sociable events such as bowling nights, cinema trips or perhaps a picnic during the summer months. Without a formal plan, employees are free to get to know each other which can help to build morale.

Show And Tell

This idea is reminiscent of primary school but is an effective way for your team to get to know each other on a personal level. The idea is that everyone brings in an item such as a family photograph, a certificate of merit or an accessory related to a favourite hobby. The object should reflect something about the team member that no-one else knows and therefore helps create a closer atmosphere between colleagues. An alternative to this activity is to throw around a beach ball with interesting questions scrawled on it – whoever catches the ball must answer the question nearest to their little finger.

Egg Drop

This activity allows employees to use their strengths and skillsets whilst encouraging them to work with their colleagues in order to solve a problem. Your team must be divided into at least two groups. They will then both be given two hours to create an egg package out of basic materials that must sustain an 8 foot drop without breaking the egg. Naturally, your workplace will get extremely messy, but this activity is a great deal of fun for all participants and really gets their brains ticking.

Spaghetti Tower

Another excellent problem-solving exercise is to get your teams to compete to build the largest tower out of a set number of spaghetti strands, some tape, string and a marshmallow. This exercise is as much about the strategies that are trialled as the overall result.

If you want to improve the atmosphere and productivity levels of your internal teams, then begin by starting a dialogue with your staff and find out what types of activities they’re most interested in. Invest in your team and your profits will soar in 2017!

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