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3 Ways To Drive More Website Leads

Use Web Design To Give Your Site Conversions A Boost

If you’re looking to get more out of the daily traffic that lands on your site, then take a look at your design layout and content to drive more leads.

Search engine optimisation and social media have become the foundation of any company’s approach to gaining a strong digital presence online. When used effectively, both can help a website acquire thousands or even millions of visitors. However, such traffic is arguably useless if you are unable to capture the attention of these users and convert them into leads or sales for your organisation. An effective web design can help you do just that. Here are some essentials to consider when trying to drive more website leads.

Call To Action (CTA)

Each page of your website should have a goal for your end user to meet. Are you trying to get site visitors to commit to a sale? Request a callback? Submit their contact details in return for a free download? Whatever your marketing goal is, be sure that it is obvious to your visitors. Include obvious CTA buttons that are easy to locate and offer clear guidance.

Clean Layout

Gone are the days of using fancy Flash features which slow down and irritate your users. Instead, site visitors want to obtain information rapidly. With this in mind, ensure that your layout is uncluttered and menus are intuitive and easy to navigate. Users should be able to find the info they’re looking for, ideally within 2 clicks. An award winning web design agency is essential for advising you on how to choose an effective layout for your business.

Compelling Copy

An attractive web design can only take you so far, the content of your site also speaks volumes about the professionalism and knowledge of your organisation. Pay attention to the headlines you use, which should aim to grab the attention of your audience. A copywriter will be able to assist you in putting across your message and establishing yourself as an authority within your industry. You might also want to include testimonials and positive client reviews which will help to solidify your reputation.

Whether you’re putting together a brand-new website, or are revamping the appearance and set-up of an existing one, always have your marketing goals in mind and remember the needs of the user when they’re visiting your site.

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