2018 Graphic Design Trends

How To Embrace The Hottest Stylistic Approaches To Graphics

Chaos and disruption are big themes in graphic design this year. Learn how to layer your images and use tricks such as colour channels to great effect.

If you want your visual communication to really ‘pop’ this year, then it’s important that you incorporate the latest styles into your creative images. Whether you’re putting together website images, marketing materials or album covers, there are various trends that are red-hot at the moment. By using some of them, you’ll send out a signal that your brand is relevant and hasn’t been left behind in 2017. Here are some techniques to try.

Embracing Typography

Graphic design isn’t all about the images – text is also key to keeping the audience engaged. There are a number of popular typography techniques to play around with this year. Cropped typography removes part of the letter, making it more challenging for the message to be delivered to the reader. A skillful Essex web design team must be able to erase just enough of the letter while keeping it readable, which is no easy feat.

Chaotic typography also approaches text in a similar way of forcing the eye to do a lot of work. Instead of sticking to the traditional rules of alignment, the text is placed haphazardly across the design to create a mish-mash which both attracts and excites the viewer.

Illustration Over Photography

In the past there has been clear competition between the use of photos or illustrations in graphic design. Both have their advantages; viewers are easily able to visualise themselves in photographs as the surroundings are often familiar, whereas illustration is effective because it can break the boundaries of reality and push creativity to the edge.

However, why choose one over the other when you can have both? Artists like Justin M Maller have been experimenting with a combination of both art forms, often using a photograph as the background and then layering a delicate illustration on top.

Asos glitched graphic design methodGlitch And Ruined Effects

Imperfection is central to this gritty style which has been adopted by big brands such as ASOS in their advertising campaigns. The glitch effect refers to a photo file that seemingly looks as if it has been corrupted, as parts of the picture will be sharp while others are pixelated and blurry. Horror movie enthusiasts will be familiar with this trend, as it has long been used as a popular after-effect in this genre.

Similar to the glitch effect, the ruined effect takes this one step further and has pieces of the image ripped, scraped or broken away to reveal a ruined version of the picture. This destructive trend is extremely fashionable in 2018.

Seeing Double

Graphic design loves to play with colours and techniques, and while it may be time to say goodbye to stylistic approaches such as duotone, this classic trick has evolved into double exposure duotone instead. The eye is immediately caught by the overlap of two different, but often similar images that are displayed using monochrome colours. By using colour channels, which are another big hit this year, the artist is able to achieve a shot that looks as if it’s depicting a time lapse.

spotify first

Double light is another variation of this theme. A simple composition has two sources of coloured light hitting it, which gives it a modern, edgy appearance.

If you’re looking to update your graphic designs, then the key is not to use all of the trends in each image. By combining one or two of the hottest techniques with basic design principles, you’ll attract attention for all the right reasons this year.

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